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Tips Sheets & Resources

Here you will find a number of tips sheets and resources for you.

Guides to Study Spaces on Your Campus
Not sure where to go between classes to get in some studying?  These guides contain locations and tips for finding the right study space for you!

How to Read Your Timetable
Here are a few guides to help you understand your timetable.

Tips for Mature Students
Here are a few tips specifically for our non-traditional or mature students

Tips for International Students
Coming to study in a new country isn’t easy. Here are resources to help you adjust.

Tips on Being a Green Student
We all want to make sure our environment survives long into the future.  There are many ways we can be “green,” Here are just a few ways you can help the environment as a student

Quick Reference Guide
A quick reference chart for all campuses of the services you might want to access to assist you during your time at Seneca.

For students with children, childcare while studying can be tough.  Here are some tips and resources especially for you.