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Working with Younger Students

For many mature students, working with younger students is a little scary.  They come from a different generation and you may be worried about how to relate to them as peers.  You might be worried that you won’t fit in at all.  One way to approach working with younger students is to think about all you have to offer them in your knowledge and experiences.  You can act as a mentor to many younger students that you will meet.  Share your life and work experiences.  They will look to you for your experience in the workplace and in life.  And, if you ever have technology issues, you can probably ask them any technology-related question and they’ll be able to help you!

You may get frustrated, feeling that younger students aren’t as motivated as you are.  Some younger students may be feeling lost or be at school without direction.  Remember that for some, this is just the next step out of high school; they don’t really know why they are at Seneca in the program they’re in.  You have worked really hard to get where you are and probably sacrificed a great deal to come to Seneca.  Don’t let different work ethics and motivation levels get you down.  Persevere, and if you can’t get a group assignment on track, don’t hesitate to speak to your professor.  Don’t worry, many younger students are very driven and motivated and will want to work very hard to do well in school – just like you.