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Aboriginal Education Council (AEC)

Members List as of May 2016

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Peggy Pitawanakwat

Aboriginal Education Council
Terms of Reference

Keen Miller
Indigenous Student Representative – Ojibway First Nation

Kelly Johnson
Indigenous Student Representative – Mohawk Nation

Community Representation

Christine McGregor
Entrepreneur, Community Elder (Alumni)

Greer Atkinson
Education Manager, Georgina Island First Nation (Indigenous Ed) 

Samantha Curnow
Rama First Nations Member (Alumni)

Randy Pitawanakwat
Coordinator, Centre for Aboriginal Student Services, York University

Gary Pritchard
Neegan Burnside Ltd. (Consultant)

Roxanne Kropf
Youth Mental Health Worker (Enaahtig Healing Lodge) (Alumni)

Darryl Day
Youth Mental Health Worker (Enaahtig Healing Lodge) (Alumni)

Institutional Representatives

Christine Blake-Durie
Dean of Student Services (President's Designate)

Mark Solomon
Director, Student Life

Michael Maynard
Dean, Faculty of Communication, Art and Design