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Aboriginal Student Funding

First Nation

Students may be eligible for funding/sponsorship and receive financial assistance with the cost of tuition fees, books and living allowances, when applicable. Students wishing to pursue post-secondary studies should contact their post-secondary education office with their First Nation to recieve the necessary forms and policies (most are online). Assistance in filling out sponsorship applications is available at First Peoples @ Seneca. Contact the Aboriginal Student Counsellor, Karen White.


The Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) has always made education a high priority. The MNO offers a range of supports and services for the educational success of all Métis across Ontario beginning in early childhood, continuing through Kindergarten to grade 12 to post-secondary education and into adulthood.

Recognizing the absence of dedicated post-secondary financial assistance for Métis post-secondary students, MNO initiated a bursary program in 1998. The investments were made at 32 colleges and universities. Contact the Financial Aid office at your Campus.

Contact the Metis Nation of Ontario for info on scholarships and bursaries.


Inuit students who have been residing outside of the Northwest Territories or Nunavut for 12 consecutive months could be eligible for funding through the Post-Secondary Student Support Program. Inuit students residing in these territories are eligible for funding support from their respective territorial governments.

Eligible Inuit students seeking more information on how to apply for available funding for post-secondary education could contact: Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation. Here you will find a link for the Inuit Post-Secondary funding application.

On Seneca’s website, the financial aid office offers numerous scholarships and other awards. See Scholarships & Awards for more info.

We encourage you to contact Miziwe Biik Aboriginal Employment and Training to see whether you are eligible for monthly transportation costs (TTC), bursaries, books and supplies. For more information, book an appointment to meet with a project officer.    

Students at Seneca.