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Social and Cultural Events

Some cultural/social activities and events we offer First Nations, Metis and Inuit students.

Smudging on our campus

Available to students upon request

Tipi at Newnham Campus at Seneca College.Ceremonies and Feasts

  • Tasewung Feast - Honouring the Ancestors & loved ones in October
  • Gimaa Giizhik – An Honouring of Leadership Feast
  • 3 Welcome Feasts for students for each term
  • December student holiday gathering /dinner
  • Feasting of the feathers and helpers ceremony
  • Monthly full moon ceremonies in the Newnham tipi

Award Ceremonies

  • Award Ceremonies for Seneca College and the Aboriginal Community
  • Year End Banquet: Aboriginal Graduates Awards

Art Exhibitions/Permanent Displays

Art Exhibits reflecting Canada’s Indigenous Traditional & Contemporary Art & Crafts
Permanent Traditional and Contemporary Indigenous Art Display at D-2339 NH Campus

Card carrying case.Craft Workshops

Examples: Various workshops hosted i.e., Leather purse / iPad case, Mocassins, Medicine Bag, beaded keychain


Former speakers: Roxanne Kropf (Alumni speaker at year-end banquet), Cherie Brant (Aboriginal Lawyer), Lee Maracle (Aboriginal Author and Educator), Nicole White (Aboriginal Legal Services of Toronto), Stephanie Pangowish (MiziweBiik Employment and training), Margie Kennedy, Toronto and Region Conservation for the Living City www.trca.on .ca Honouring the Ancestors through Artifacts, Seneca Security, Counselling & Accessibility, Student Conduct, Yellow Brick House, Ruby Dreger, Colours Workshop, Margie Badger, Smile Program.
Sara Beaudry Harm reduction

Movies/Theatre/Dance presentations

  • Aboriginal Play productions such as, “A Soldiers Tale” by Michael Grey Eyes
  • Film screening such as, Empire of Dirt, Tiff NFB Film, by Jennifer Podemski

Cultural Teachings and Field Trips


  • Teaching Cultural historic sites
  • Open Doors Toronto-Historic Buildings
  • AGO – Freda & Diego Exhibit
  • Inuit Art Tour, TD Bank Toronto private collection
  • Smuding Ceremony Teaching
  • Medicine Wheel Teaching
  • Student groups for special projects

Social Networking Groups

First Peoples at Seneca Facebook Page

Community Discussions/Town Halls


Annual indigenous student consultation gathering


  • Drumming and dancing at all International SSF days
  • Drumming at Remembrance Day ceremony
  • Drumming at Aboriginal Day celebration
  • Drumming at year-end banquet

Social events

  • Annual Ice Fishing Inst. Invitational
  • December Holiday Dinner event

Participating in social media

  • Facebook Page
  • Black board updates on Aboriginal Student Achievements ie. “Seneca Spotlight” promote award winners

Pow Wows in Toronto

  • 4 Pow Wow’s York University and Nameres, Native Child and Family Services of Toronto, Native Canadian Centre of Toronto

Other Activities

  • Healthy Eating Program
  • MMIW Red Dress Campaign
  • Community Garden on campus – ceremonial fruit – strawberries picked and frozen for ceremonies
  • Rhubarb & Strawberry jam making workshop

   Seneca Drumming Circle

Seneca students drumming

Throughout the year, a series of cultural events are planned at various campuses of Seneca College so that all students have the opportunity to explore and participate. This year, students can look forward to dancing and drumming exhibitions as well as Aboriginal film nights and craft workshops.