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Seneca Indigenous Council (S.I.C.)

The Newnham campus is home to the Seneca Indigenous Council (S.I.C.).  The student council can provide outreach to students at Seneca’s six (6) other campuses – Contact First Peoples@Seneca to contact S.I.C.

  • S.I.C. are elected First Nation, Metis & Inuit students that work collarborately with/for the Seneca student population with the above ancestry.
  •  They take on a leadership role and are actively involved in student life on campus.
  • Promote cultural events and activities.
  • Peer to peer advisement.
  • Liaison with mainstream clubs & associations while actively participating in student centred events.
  • Seneca Indigenous Council events and activities are posted on First Peoples@Seneca Facebook page.

Aanni. Welcome to Seneca.