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What is LEARN

LEARN is a series of workshops and events designed to assist first year students in their transition to college.


This area provides students with opportunities to develop leadership skills, to gain an understanding of leadership and to meet a variety of speakers. This area encourages students to develop their leadership skills on campus and in their community, providing practical workshops and inspirational speakers from both the campus and the community. These workshops and speakers series will be of great benefit to students while they attend Seneca College and well beyond as they prepare to become successful alumnus of the college.


This theme area aims to encourage students to become engaged in their learning and in their communities. Sessions/events will encourage students to learn outside of the classroom and to be actively engaged members of the college. This area also encourages students to make connections between their life in the classroom and life outside the classroom. Here we will also address current issues, international affairs, issues of diversity and hot topics at the college. Workshops/events may address the diverse nature of Seneca College and how current issues impact our community, what it means to work and live with people from diverse backgrounds, and social issues that have particular relevance for first year students

Academic Skills

Understanding that the transition to college learning can be difficult, this area aims to assist students in developing their academic skills. These workshops will focus on and develop the skills of a successful student. Hands-on workshops will provide.

Relationships & Lifestyle

This theme area is designed to help students explore the social world and to incorporate wellness and open-mindedness into their lives. Workshops are designed to help students explore relationships in their lives, to inform students about a variety of wellness practices that they can incorporate into their lives, and to increase students’ knowledge regarding a variety of health and relationship issues.


This area will encourage students to develop skills in networking and to think about pursuing career-related activities that supplement their studies at Seneca. Events/workshops will involve industry, faculty and alumni as key partners in this area. These sessions will encourage students to cultivate their contacts in a field of interest and make connections to the community outside of Seneca.