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Using My Dual Credit

I took a Dual Credit course at another College and have now applied to Seneca for a Full Time Program. Do I have to repeat this course again at Seneca?

According to the Transfer Protocol, when a student transfers to a Seneca College program from one of our partner institutions, every attempt is made to maximize the transfer credits awarded to students without compromising the academic integrity of the receiving program. Where there is deemed to be a match between the level and content of the prior learning, a student may be granted transfer credit for open electives, professional options and/or substitute credits, and/or scheduled into a non-standard timetable.

For more information, please contact the Dual Credit Team.

Will my Dual Credit courses count if I decide to go to a different college?

Even if you aren’t planning on attending Seneca, the credits you earn here may transfer over to the college you select. You must contact the college you will be attending to find out their credit transfer policy.

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