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Transitioning to college?

Alecia Swaby, Success Co-Ordinator
Newnham Campus, Room D2023
T: 416.491.5050 ext. 26574
F: 416.491.7379

Enrolled in Seneca?

Please use this list to contact a Career Co-ordinator for a specific program area or, for general questions, e-mail Seneca’s Career Services or call 416.491.5050 ext. 22192.

King Calendar of Events for Career Services at King Campus.

Grace Cuff, Main Lobby Garriock Hall
T: 416.491.5050 ext. 55007
F: 905.833.2578

AIE Advanced Investigations and Enforcement
BCD Child Development
BSCN Nursing
CYW Child and Youth Worker
DTR Therapeutic Recreation - Degree
ECE Early Childhood Education
ECYA Early Childhood Education-Accel
ESC 911 & Emergency Services Communications
EVLC Environmental Land Management
FHS Forensic Health Studies
FOR Forensic Investigative Studies
GAC General Arts - One year certificate
GCTC Golf Course Technician
LAW Police Foundations
PHS Pre-Health Science
PND Practical Nursing
RFMC Recreation Facility Management
RLSC Recreation and Leisure Services
SSW Social Service Worker
SSWA Social Service Worker-Acc
SSWG Social Service Worker-Gerontology
SSWG Social Service Worker-Gerontology Accel
SSWI Social Service Worker-Immigrants/Refugees
UWS Underwater Skills
VTE Veterinary Technician

Markham Campus King campus calendar

Sheila Bruce, Room 180
T: 416.491.5050 ext. 77193
F: 905.940.6450

BAE Business Admin-Marketing (Event Management)
BAM Business Admin-Marketing
BMK Brand Management
BMT Business-Marketing
BMO Business Office Skills
CAB Creative Advertising
EVM Event Marketing-Sports, Entertainment, Arts
FPR Flight Program-Degree
FSP Financial Services Practitioner
GBS General Business
HTM Hospitality Mgmt-Hotel & Rest
IMK Interactive Marketing
LAT Liberal Arts (GAS)
MKM Marketing Management
TAM Tourism and Travel--Eco-Adventure and Niche
TFS Tourism and Travel - Flight Services
TIS Tourism and Travel - Tourism Services Specialization
TLC Tourism and Travel-Leisure and Corp. Travel
TTO Tourism - Travel Operations

Newnham Campus, Student Services, Room D2000 Calendar of Events for Career Services at Newnham Campus.

Betrice Brangman, Room D2020
T: 416.491.5050 ext. 22192
F: 416.491.7379

MATD Mechanical Engin Techn (Tool Design)
MATP Mechanical Techs (CNC Programg)
MATT Mechanical Techn (Tool/Die Mould)
MIT Mechanical Eng. Tech-Industrial Design

Jennifer Kloosterman, Room D2023
T: 416.491.5050 ext. 26098
F: 416.491.7379

AED Applied Electronics Design
AST Applied Science and Technology
BTS Building System Engineering Technician
BCD Child Development Degree
CVL Civil Engineering Technician
CVT Civil Engineering Technology
ECE Early Childhood Education
ECT Computer Engineering Technology
ELCB Electronics Eng Tech-Broadband Cable
ELCC Electronics Eng Tech-Computers
ELCM Electronics Eng Tech-Communications
ELN Electronics Engin Techny-Control Systems
EMD ElectroMechanical Design
EMT Environmental Technology
ESM Environmental Technician – Sampling and Monitoring
ETI Environment and Site Investigation
ETM Environmental Technician
FFP  Firefighter, Pre-Services Education and Training
FPN Fire Protection Engineering Technician
FPT Fire Protection Engineering Technology
IER Environmental Site Remediation
MBT Mechanical Eng. Tech-Building Sciences
OPT Opticianry
PME Project Management- Environmental
ECE Early Childhood Education
ELR Urban Land Regeneration (Bridging to Green Careers)

Beverley Stevens, Room D2023
T: 416.491.5050 ext. 22932
F: 416.491.7379

ACC Accounting
ACF Accounting and Finance
ACT Accounting Techniques
AFP Business Administration-Acc & Fin Planning
AIT Accounting and Information Technology
APP Accounting and Payroll
BAF Business Admin-Financial Plan
BAG Business Admin-Management
BAO Business Admin – Purchasing & Supply Management
BAO Business Admin-Purch.Sup.Mgmt
BAR Business Admin-Retail Mgmt
BAS Business Admin-Entr. & Small Bus
BBM Business Management Degree
BIN Business-Insurance
BIT Business Intelligence
BMI International Business Management Degree
BMO Business Office Skills
FCA Financial Services Compliance
FEA Fraud Examination & Forensic Accounting
FSA Financial Services - Client Services
FSM Financial Services Mgmt
FSU Financial Services Underwriting
GAC General Arts and Science Certificate
GAC General Arts - One year Cert
GBM Green Business Management
GBS General Business
IAF International Accounting & Finance
IBS International Business Management
IBU International Business
INB International Business Administration
INB International Business Admin
LAT Liberal Arts (GAS)
MAP Public Administration - Municipal
MCP Municipal and Corporate Admin-Degree
PBE Pre-Business (formerly Business Fundamentals)
PRA  Professional Accounting Practice
SCM Global Logs & Supply Chain Mgmt
TCS International Transportation & Customs

Sheila Bruce, Room D2023
T: 416.491.5050 ext. 77193 F: 905.940.6450 E:

AVO Aviation Operations
ASE Aviation Safety

Ramona Garrett, Room D2023
T: 416.491.5050 ext. 22934 F: 416.491.7379 E:

BOS Business Office Skills
CAP College Opportunities
CTA Court and Tribunal Admin
CTAT Court and Tribunal Admin (Articulated)
CTM Cosmetic Techniques
BHR  Business Admin - HR
EAS Esthetics and Spa Therapies
EST Esthetician
EVT Event Management-Event and Exhibit Design
EXS  Office Administration-Executive
FAA Fashion Arts
FAB Fashion Business 
FBM Fashion Business Management
FDN Floral Design
FST Fashion Studies
HRM Human Resources Management
HST Human Resources Strategy and Technology
LCA Legal and Corporate Admin
LCKA Law Clerk-Acc
LES Office Administration-Legal
LIT Library Information Technician
LITA Library Information Technician-ACC
MES Office Administration-Medical
PLE Paralegal
PLEA Paralegal- accel.
RPA Real Property Administration (Assessment and Appraisal)
RPAA Real Property Administration (Assessment and Appraisal) (Accelerated)
VMA Visual Merchandising Arts

Seneca@York Campus Calendar of Events for Career Services at Seneca@York Campus.

Rachel Morris-Ohm, Room 1163
T: 416.491.5050 ext. 33124 F: 416.661.2197 E:

ACV Acting for Camera and Voice
ANI Animation
BSD Software Development-Degree
CNS Computer Networking/Tech Sup
CPA Computer Program/Analysis
CPD Computer Programmer
CTY Computer Systems Technology
DAD Database Application Developer
DAN 3D Animation
DMA Digital Media Arts
EMP Event Media Production (formerly CMP)
GAA Game, Art and Animation
GRA Graphic Design
IDP Independent Digital Photography
IFS Infomatics and Security-Degree
ILU Independent Illustration
IMP Independent Music Production
JRN Journalism
JRNY Journalism (Joint Seneca/York)
MFD Pre-Media (Media/Comm Fund)
RTVR Broadcasting Radio
RTVT Broadcasting Television
SSW Social Service Worker
SSWI Social Servi Work/Immi & Refugs
VFT Visual Effects:Film&Television

Sheila Bruce
T: 416.491.5050 ext. 77193 F: 905.940.6450 E:

BIF Bioinformatics
BTR Biotechnology Technologist
CCM Corporate Communications
CHY Chemical Engineering Technology
CLP Chemcial Laboratory Technology
CLT Chemical Laboratory Technician
LAT Liberal Arts (GAS)
RAQC Pharm Regulat Aff&Quality Oper
TECC Technical Communication