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Staff References

All Student Leadership Awards require a faculty or staff reference.

During the nomination period, an award applicant may ask you to complete an award reference form.

You will receive a notification for a reference once the student completes their application.

Staff References are due February 19, 2016.

Instructions on completing a staff reference through your i3 portal

1. Login into MySeneca.

2. In the "Employee Services" tab select "i3 Portal".

i3 portal image;

3. Select Add a New Value to insert the reference for the student.

Academic is the current academic year (ie. January 2016 is still the 2015 academic year).
If the student number (ID) is not known, it can be searched by student name, which is provided in the email notification. Add a New Value to insert a reference.

Please note, the W.T. Newnham and Stephen E. Quinlan Awards require a nomination from a Seneca staff or faculty member. Please help us give as many students as possible the opportunity to be recognized. Thank you.