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Our Seneca Serves Experience

Helen Ying: My Day at Yonge Street Mission

Our team of five spent the day at Yonge Street Mission in downtown Toronto. Since 1896, Yonge Street Mission has been providing the hungry and homeless in Toronto with shelter, relief, food, health services and employment.

Our first task of the day was to help prepare the meals for the lunch service. We cut up vegetables, fruit and prepared the main dishes. Over the lunch period, part of our team served the lunch while the others helped clean up in the back.

I volunteered because I wanted to give back. I want others to know that people around them do care and they are not forgotten.

My experience at the Mission was amazing! It was great to see all of those happy faces enjoying their meal and socializing with one another. I felt my effort was rewarded by their simple smile. I really wish I can spend more time there.

Though this experience, I have learned to be more grateful for what I have, and to be positive and appreciative all the good around me.

Helen is pictured here (second from right) with other student volunteers and Student Life Coordinator Glenna Thomas (middle) at Yonge Street Mission.

Dionne Jaisinghani: My Day at Good Shepherd

Dionne at Seneca ServesOn October 28, 2015, I volunteered for Seneca Service at the Good Shepherd Centre in downtown Toronto.

The Good Shepherd Centre provides food, shelter and clothing for people in need. Each day thousands of hot meals are prepared and served free of charge to anyone in need.

When we arrived we were directed to the kitchen to assist in preparing meals for the homeless. My first task was to cut two large pans full of potatoes - it was fun! I had never cut so many potatoes in such a short period of time. My second task was to prepare 7 large containers of vegetables. Next, I had to arrange and prepare over 200 hundred patties for baking. My final task was the most fulfilling of them all – I was able to welcome and assist in serving the men and women a hot meal.

I have a passion and a love for volunteering and helping others. This experience has impacted me in a positive way and it has allowed me to contribute to society. What I know now is that every one of us can make a difference!