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Success Coach

Students need many opportunities and consistent encouragement to develop those characteristics, behaviours, and habits that lead to academic, career and personal success. Success skills such as taking initiative, setting and achieving goals, self-discipline, managing time and persevering do not occur overnight.

SUCCESS@Seneca provides students with the opportunity to meet with a student-centered, caring individual on a regular and consistent basis. The Success Coach is a Seneca employee who encourages the student to take responsibility, be accountable, clarify issues, consider options, and make decisions. The Success Coach takes an active interest in the student’s progress, has a willingness to assist students in exploring college resources that can improve their skills, and motivates them to successfully complete their college journey.

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Want to be a Student Success Coach? This program is currently on hold and not accepting any applications.
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  • The aim of the College Coach is to keep the students connected, on-track, goal-oriented and motivated.