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Community Information

SUCCESS@Seneca is a multi-faceted student success program that is based on a pro-active and collaborative approach. The SUCCESS@Seneca program is founded on the following principles:

  • The entire college community (including the student) is responsible for student success.
  • Students who are pro-active and responsible are more likely to experience success.
  • Connection, Contribution and Competence empowers individuals toward success in all life tasks.

Imagine a college community made up of a diverse population of students and employees. Everyone coming together with a single purpose, a single goal. An entire community committed to the academic, vocational and personal development of each student. A community that takes a vested interest and responsibility in the well being of others. A community that understands the value and worth of each of its members. A community that comes together in a collaborative approach and contributes to student success.

Student success is a result of collaboration. Students, faculty, support staff, administrators, counselors, and librarians. The college bookstore, residence, food services, student government, athletics and recreation, admissions, financial aid, student services and so many more.

This is the foundation of SUCCESS@Seneca. It is one of leadership, of contribution, of accountability, and most of all, it is one of caring. It is one in which an entire college community takes an active interest in student success.