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What is a Student Success Coach?

Success Coach is a Seneca employee who chooses to participate in the Success@Seneca Program. The success coach takes an interest in the student’s college progress, has a willingness to assist students in exploring services and programs that can improve their skills, and motivate them to successfully complete their college journey.

If I become a Success Coach, what will my responsibilities be?

The aim of a Success Coach is to keep the students connected, on track, goal-oriented and motivated. The coach can help students establish goals, anticipate and troubleshoot problems, encourage them to explore and connect with the appropriate college services and people and promote self-sufficiency. The main responsibility of a Success Coach is to stay connected with the student(s).

What if I am not sure how to answer a student's question or deal with certain situations?

As a coach, you will never be “out there on your own”. Regular and ongoing support will be available to you throughout the semester. We will provide training, support, professional development and on-line resources.

How many students will I be assigned to work with?

The number of students you work with depends on your schedule and preference.

How often do I meet with students?

You will meet with each student for 20 minutes every two weeks. If you coach one student, that will only be 40 minutes per month! We will also ask you to complete a coach progress report following each session.

This all sounds great but I am awfully busy...

Being a Success Coach is not that large of a time commitment. Keep in mind that a “session” could be as brief as five minutes. You may also find that many of the activities associated with Coaching are things you do, or have done with your students anyways. Please note: Employees who choose to participate in this program understand that their time spent in coaching is not recognized as their college workload and will not be recorded as such.

What's in it for me

  • As a Success Coach you will have played a major part in a Student’s College Experience!
  • You will be recognized as a Seneca Leader.
  • You will be awarded a gift of appreciation at the end of the year.