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How it Works....

Transition and Orientation

One week prior to the beginning of school, students participate in an extended orientation and transition program. Seneca staff from across the college provide their expertise, support and enthusiasm creating a welcoming, interactive and meaningful Orientation of activities and workshops. College staff facilitate a number of social activities (ice-breakers; informal discussions with instructors, administrators, and support staff; connecting with classmates and other students). A series of success and skill learning workshops provide students with specific strategies for academic and personal success (such as time management; listening and note taking; goal setting; and stress management). Mock lectures allow students to experience the classroom environment and obtain valuable classroom strategies from a Learning Strategist. Students obtain their student card, book lists, updated time tables, email account, and so on. The students meet several key staff from vital college services and resources. By the end of the Orientation, students gain a strong sense of belonging, a feeling of preparedness, and an understanding of what it takes to be successful at Seneca. But most of all, they value the relationships forged with Seneca staff and students.

On-Line Success Portal – Workshops - Events

Workshops - Events Each student who participates in the SUCCESS@Seneca program is provided with unlimited access to an on-line success portal. Within this environment, students can access information relating to Learning Strategies, Career Exploration and Development, Communication Skills, and Relationship Building. It is also an appropriate venue in which to communicate with students and to promote year-round events and workshops such as social events and success workshops. A few examples of Social events include: ‘Coffee House’; ‘Breakfast of Champions’; ‘Snack and Chat’. A few examples of Success Workshops include: ‘Brain Food’; ‘Preparing for Tests and Exams’; and ‘Getting Back On Track’.

The College Coach Approach

Throughout their first year, students are connected with a College Coach – a Seneca employee who takes an active concern with the student’s college journey. Students meet with their Coach once every two weeks for no more than twenty minutes. When appropriate, the College Coach refers a student to the appropriate college resources. Students find this relationship to be incredibly valuable. The opportunity to ‘check-in’ on a regular basis, to meet with a college employee who cares about their well-being, and to obtain ongoing encouragement and support has a very positive effect on their overall college experience. The College Coach also finds this relationship to be one of value. The opportunity to have regular and direct contact with students throughout the year, to gain a better understanding of the day-to-day challenges faced by college students, and to utilize their experience, leadership, and communication skills allows the College Coach to make a meaningful difference in the lives of their students.

The Impact of SUCCESS@Seneca

Success can be perceived in many ways - academic achievement, personal growth, career enhancement, overcoming challenges, setting and achieving goals, persisting through difficult times, developing and maintaining relationships, solving problems, increasing self-esteem and confidence. These are just some of the success achieved by people who have been connected with SUCCESS@Seneca. Each person has made a positive impact on others – big or small. Each person has benefited from the relationships forged with others. Each person, in their own way, contributed to the well-being of others, themselves, and the entire Seneca community. The overall goal of SUCCESS@Seneca is to bring out the very best in people – our students, our employees, and our community. Through meaningful collaboration, a pro-active approach, and a true sense of caring we are able to achieve a great deal. Through continuous feedback, developing new and creative ideas, and an ongoing commitment to better ourselves and others, we can achieve a great deal more.