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Developing Listening Skills

Choose your seat wisely

  • Sit in a spot where you will be able to hear the instructor and see the blackboard

Cut out distractions

  • Avoid talking, eating or drinking during the lecture – not only do these disrupt the learning environment, but socializing during a lesson is disrespectful to the instructor.

Be aware of signal words and phrases that may outline the lecture

  • Introductory words:
    • "Today we will discuss…”
    •  “At the end of the lesson you should be able to…”
    •  “During today’s lecture…”
  • Test clues:
    • “Review this…”
    • "This is important…”
    • "Read over sections…”
  • Summary words:
    • “In conclusion…”
    • “To sum up what we’ve learned…”
    • “In a nutshell…”

Listen for changes in the tone or volume of your professor’s voice

  • This indicates excitement or enthusiasm, and information that a professor is passionate about often ends up on tests

Participate constructively

  • Ask questions when you don’t understand something, or ask the instructor to repeat himself or herself if he or she is speaking too quickly.