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  • Break memorizing into short time periods
    • Do not try to memorize a lot of information at one time
    • Try to arrange short, frequent blocks of time for memorization
    • Do not try to memorize information you haven’t worked on right before a test
  • Recite information aloud as you write it
    • Read aloud the note cards you are studying from
    • Test yourself on the information by shutting your eyes and asking and answering the questions again
    • If you get the answer wrong, then write it several times as you say it over and over
  • Use mnemonics to help remember information
    • Mnemonics are words and letters that help you remember information
    • For example, use the first letter of important facts you need to remember to make up another, HOMES (mnemonic) for remembering the Great Lakes (Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, Superior
  • Visualize words or pictures to help you remember
    • Try to visualize where you saw it in your notes, text or note cards