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Test Preparation

Thorough preparation is one key to successful test taking: Develop a study calendar two weeks prior to exam

Set aside sufficient time on your calendar to complete the following steps:

  • Gather information regarding exam and confirm when, how long, what will and will not be covered, typed of questions and exam format.
  • Gather notes, handouts, on-line notes and materials. Update as necessary. Request past exams from professor (if available).
  • Develop a plan of attack. Prioritize and divide content into manageable chunks.
  • Review notes, text and handouts. Highlight essential information to be remembered.
  • Re-write essential information on note cards and review.
  • Clarify any outstanding questions you may have, with the professor.
  • Think of possible exam questions and try to answer them.
  • Complete ‘practice tests’ or questions provided by the professor.
  • Review essential information and note cards, again.