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Time Management

What’s the big deal?? It’s JUST a class!!

  • Attend class
  • Course readings (including notes from class)
  • Rewriting notes
  • Reviewing class notes and notes taken from readings
  • Meetings with Professors
  • Assignments
  • Homework

I do have a LIFE…

  • It’s all about balance

Time Table Deception

  • It appears that you may have lots of time

Time Management

  • Requires effort, discipline, and commitment.
  • Sacrifice…short term pain for long term gain.
  • There are rewards!
    • reduced stress
    • academic success
  • It’s a GOOD habit.
  • Transferable to work and personal life.

The Basics…

  1. Book Time for Time Management…
    • Daily
    • Weekly!
  2. Record everything!
    • IF you do not have time to record it, put it in your folder to be recorded later!!!
  3. Daily/Weekly Planner
  4. Break large tasks into smaller manageable ones.
  5. Put first things first – you prioritize!
    • Schedule a date and time that you will complete each task.
    • Do high priority tasks when you are most alert and motivated to work.
  6. Leave a few “just in case” time slots…expect the unexpected!
  7. “DO IT!!!!” Follow your plan!
  8. Evaluate your progress; if necessary make changes.

Monthly Calendar

  • Gives the “big picture” – all the tasks and commitments for the month.
  • Use colour coding according to classes or personal appointments
  • A wall calendar in room- makes it more visual!
  • Email Sherri if you want a copy (

To-Do List

  • Find a specific time each day to prepare a start up To-Do list.
  • Use a system that is easiest for you!
  • Doesn’t matter WHAT you use!
  • Record tasks/reminders - recording them helps with memory.
  • Prioritize:
    A = must be done
    B = should be done
    C = not absolutely necessary

Tips for Time Management

  • Be prepared for setbacks. Review why you didn’t follow through with your plans and make adjustments.
  • Keep in mind your goals. Use them to make decisions about how to spend your time.
  • Reward yourself after you have achieved what you set out to do!

Tools for Time Management

  • Use what works for you!
  • Explore OneNote/Outlook

Learning Strategists

  • Are friendly!
  • You can make lots of appointments!
  • They will help you become a survivor!

The Learning Centres:

I am Late AGAIN!?

Manage your time. Skills to help.