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Information on cycling, bicycle friendly streets, safety, cycling & transit, bicycle parking and more:

The City of Toronto's cycling map shows bicycle lanes, paths and routes to help you plan your recreational and commuter trips in Toronto. Here are bike maps for York, Richmond Hill, Markham, and Mississauga.

Join a Bicycle User Group - A BUG, is group of a people in a workplace, a school, a community, or a neighbourhood, who come together to improve conditions for commuter cycling, or to enjoy cycling together. There are currently 112 registered Bicycle User Groups in the City of Toronto.
North Toronto, Vaughan regularly engages in advocacy on behalf of cycling concerns. If you would like to join the Smart Commute NTV Bicycle User Group (BUG) and stay informed about cycling, contact

Be safe and wear a helmet that fits correctly and make sure it has a CSA, Snell, ANSI, ASTM British Standard or Australian Standard sticker to prove the helmet meets legislated safety standards.

Bike Racks on Campus


KIP building beside 3rd floor entrance.

In front of registration doors of D building entrance

Beside B canopy - B building entrance

Front of KIP building entrance

Finch loop C building entrance

Building F entrance

Bonus: Newnham campus has showers on Level 1 for those who want to ride their bike.


Markham Bike Rack
Outside the main entrance


King bike ackoutside Garriock Hall in front of the F-1 lot
Outside Garriock Hall, in front of lot F-1


senecaYork bike rack
Between the S@Y building and the TEL building, just under the bridge