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Seneca Students

Student Code of Conduct

Community is at the heart of Seneca’s values. It expresses the connections we have with each other, the support we give each other, and the respect we show each other.

The Student Code of Conduct is designed to promote behaviour that reflects our values — behaviour that also reflects the honesty, trust and fairness we expect in the actions of all members of our community.

The Student Code of Conduct establishes Seneca’s standards of student behaviour and outlines the procedures to be followed if the standards are violated.

In addition to the Student Code of Conduct, you also have rights and responsibilities under:


Student Conduct Office

Newnham ext. 22078
Markham ext. 77470
Seneca@York ext.33088
King ext. 55008

Student Services

Newnham ext. 22925
Markham ext. 77190
Seneca@York ext. 33024
King ext. 55048


Newnham ext. 22565
Markham ext. 77565
Seneca@York ext. 33565
King ext. 55265