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You can ask to have a disciplinary decision under this Code overturned or changed.

4.1 The respondent may appeal the decision within 10 working days to the Vice-President, Academic. Appeals must be in writing (or alternative modes for persons with disabilities) on a Request for Student Conduct Appeal Form.

Appeals may only be launched on the following basis:

  • A substantial procedural error has been committed by the Student Conduct Office which has denied you a fair outcome;
  • New evidence is available that, through no fault of yours, was not available at the time the investigation;
  • The sanctions imposed by the Student Conduct Office are patently unreasonable or substantially disproportionate to the circumstances or offence.

Copies of the Appeal Forms are available through the Student Conduct Office or the Student Services Office and can also be obtained electronically at

4.2 The Dean of Students shall maintain a roster of 12 individuals to serve on a Discipline Appeal Committee. When vacancies occur, the Dean of Students will recruit new panelists, maintaining a balance of students and employees from across the College.

4.3 The Dean of Students or designate will convene a Discipline Appeal Committee consisting of three panelists including at least one student and will chair the Discipline Appeal as a non-voting member of the Committee.

4.4 The complainant and respondent will be notified of the appeal in writing. The notice shall explain the basis of the appeal, the procedure that will apply and any other details necessary for an expeditious and fair hearing.

4.5 An oral hearing will take place in front of three panelists and be chaired by the Dean of Students. The appeal will be held in private and all proceedings will be confidential. The Discipline Appeal Committee will review the documentation related to the Student Conduct decision, and may seek information from any other source, as it deems relevant.

4.6 The appellant may have a support person of his/her choosing in an advisory capacity present throughout the proceedings or they may choose from a roster of trained student leaders which is maintained in Student Services.

4.7 The decision of the panel will be recorded in writing and promptly communicated to the appellant within 15 working days of the appeal.

4.8 The decision of the panel will be final and binding on all parties with no further right of appeal within the College. Students may ask the Ombudsperson to review the process followed from the perspective of fairness, but the Ombudsperson does not have the authority to review the substance of any complaint proceeding.

4.9 Records of Student Code of Conduct complaints and appeals will be maintained in the Student Conduct Office.

Every attempt will be made to meet the timelines set out in this Student Code of Conduct unless circumstances cause a delay.

The Student Code of Conduct Policy was approved by the Board of Governors on September 26, 2012.

The College is committed to principles of respect, inclusion and equality of all persons with disabilities.

The Student Code of Conduct Policy replaces the Student Rights and Responsibilities Policy.

Appeal Form

Request for Student Conduct Appeal Form


Student Conduct Office

Newnham ext. 22078
Markham ext. 77470
Seneca@York ext.33088
King ext. 55008

Student Services

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Markham ext. 77190
Seneca@York ext. 33024
King ext. 55048


Newnham ext. 22565
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Seneca@York ext. 33565
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