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Seneca Students

Rights and Responsibilities

The Code balances your rights with your responsibilities. You are accountable for complying with the Code and all other College policies outlined in the Student Code of Conduct. You are also required to familiarize yourself with the Code and all other College policies referred to in the Code.

Your responsibilities include conducting yourself in a manner that respects the civil and criminal law, the safety and well-being of the College community and the College’s students, employees, property and reputation. As a member of our community, you are expected to make responsible decisions about your behaviour, including how you resolve differences you have with members of our community.

As well, you must comply with the directions of College and residence staff, and staff contracted by the College such as our security officers, and Seneca Student Federation staff acting in the performance of their duties.

In turn, you have the right to express yourself freely (unless this interferes with the rights of others) and to study and work in an environment free from discrimination and harassment.

Part of our responsibility as a College is to provide an environment free from discrimination and harassment, to foster the best possible teaching and learning community, to support a great student experience and to enhance Seneca’s reputation. We are obliged to act to ensure a safe and respectful environment for all students, employees, guests and visitors.


Student Conduct Office

Newnham ext. 22078
Markham ext. 77470
Seneca@York ext.33088
King ext. 55008

Student Services

Newnham ext. 22925
Markham ext. 77190
Seneca@York ext. 33024
King ext. 55048


Newnham ext. 22565
Markham ext. 77565
Seneca@York ext. 33565
King ext. 55265