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Seneca Students

1. Scope

The Student Code of Conduct applies to:

  • Registered full-time and part-time students.
  • Applicants to Seneca programs.
  • Conduct that takes place on college property or during any field placement, co-op or other work placement, whether in Canada or outside Canada, that is part of a college program or course.
  • Conduct that takes place when you are representing Seneca in activities off campus, such as conferences or meetings.
  • Activities related to Seneca student committees, clubs, boards, councils and associations.

You have violated the Code if you either violate any provision of the Code or help someone else violate it.


Student Conduct Office

Newnham ext. 22078
Markham ext. 77470
Seneca@York ext.33088
King ext. 55008

Student Services

Newnham ext. 22925
Markham ext. 77190
Seneca@York ext. 33024
King ext. 55048


Newnham ext. 22565
Markham ext. 77565
Seneca@York ext. 33565
King ext. 55265