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College Security

College Security is responsible for the safety of occupants, the protection of college assets and the enforcement of various college policies. Security guards are present at all campus locations during peak hours and on a 24-hour basis at King, Markham, Newnham, and Seneca@York campuses.

The main security office is located at Newnham Campus, Room 2253, Building D (second floor, by the Newnham Library entrance). You can reach College Security at ext. 22565 on a 24-hour basis.

Security officers respond to safety and security threats, investigate incidents, provide first aid, manage access control, provide general information and control keys. At some locations,Safety Patrol Officers are available to escort students to their vehicles. For more information, contact College Security at ext. 22565.

For added safety, emergency telephones are located at several locations on each floor of Newnham and Seneca@York. These phones are directly linked to College Security.

Surveillance cameras are in place at various locations at most campuses.

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