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Student Academic Accommodation Changes — OHRC March 2016

Counselling and Accessibility Services offers support for all students trying to manage the complexities of College life. Students are seen on a voluntary, confidential basis. Services offered can help students fulfill their personal and academic potential through individual and/or group supports.

Seneca supports the Ontario Human Rights Code (OHRC) in that the needs of students with disabilities must be accommodated to ensure equal access to educational services.

  • Students will not have to provide a diagnosis to access or receive support from the Counselling and Accessibility Services office. They will be asked to providedocumentation that describes the nature of their functional limitation.
  • Students are not required to provide medical documentation directly to their professors to receive academic accommodations.
  • All requests for reasonable academic accommodation for students with temporary orpermanent disabilities will be considered.

The Counselling and Accessibility Services department will continue to receive all student inquiries and determine if students are eligible for academic accommodation.

Please note that the Counselling and Accessibility Services department will now provide the accommodation letter to faculty, and the Chair or program designate.

In accordance with the Ontario Human Rights Commission (March 2016), disclosure of an Academic Accommodation Letter for identified students will be provided by the CnAS department directly to a student’s program/school. In this new process the Counselling and Accessibility Services department and the academic/program areas will work together to ensure a student’s academic accommodation has been shared and implemented.

Questions or concerns about an academic accommodation must be discussed directly with Chair or program designate and/or the Counselling and Accessibility Services department; not with the student. Additional information is available at the Counselling and Accessibility Services website.