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Credit Transfer Opportunities

Seneca College's transfer opportunities reflect our commitment to student success, creating pathways to post-secondary education and offering the finest career training possible. Transfer requirements can vary depending on each student's individual circumstances. For more information about transfer opportunities, contact the Credit Transfer Opportunities information line at 416.491.5050 ext. 6464

Transferring to Seneca

Transferring to Seneca from another post-secondary institution

Many students come to Seneca College after having completed all or part of a post-secondary program at another institution.  In such instances, Seneca is committed to the recognition of prior learning and credits earned at other postsecondary institutions where these are relevant and appropriate to the certificate, diploma and degree programs we offer. The amount of transfer credit/advanced standing  awarded to students who transfer into a Seneca program is determined based on an assessment of the depth and breadth of prior content and the level of prior study relative to Seneca’s approved program outcomes.

College-to-College Transfer

Seneca College has signed a provincial College-to-College Transfer Protocol along with the other 23 Ontario Colleges. We also have similar agreements with colleges outside of the provinces such as the British Columbia Institute of Technology, the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology and the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology.

According to the Transfer Protocol, when a student transfers to a Seneca College program from one of our partner institutions, every attempt is made to maximize the transfer credits/advanced standing awarded to students without compromising the academic integrity of the receiving program.  Where there is deemed to be a match between the level and content of the prior learning, a student may be granted transfer credit/advanced standing for open electives, professional options and/or substitute credits, and/or scheduled into a non-standard timetable.

University to College Transfer

An increasing number of students seek admission to Seneca College programs after attending university for all or part of a university program.

In the case of graduate certificates, the prior university study is typically assessed as part of the admissions process and therefore may not be eligible for duplicate credit towards advanced standing.

In other instances, credits earned through prior university study will be assessed through the normal advanced standing/credit transfer process consistent with the Academic Policy. For further information and/or specific assistance in assessing credit transfer/advanced standing opportunities,  students are advised to consult with their student advisor or program co-ordinator.

Transferring from Seneca

Seneca graduates can earn credit toward degree programs through partnerships, agreements, and transfer credit opportunities at many Canadian and international universities and colleges. For more information on these opportunities visit the degree transfer web site at

To make an appointment to see a degree transfer advisor call 416-491-5050, ext. 26464.


Transfer Credit (formerly known as “Advanced Standing”)

Information about requests for Transfer Credit.

Academic Policy

The following are areas of the Academic Policy that may be of interest to those seeking credit transfer opportunities. Click on the links below and scroll down to the corresponding number.


  • 4.3 Advanced Standing/ Transfer Credit
  • 4.4 Prior Learning Assessment (PLA)


  • 5.5 Duplicate Use of Credit and Subject Equivalency
  • 5.9 Residency Requirement

Transfers and Withdrawals

  • 13.1 Transfer from Another Insititution