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Seneca Libraries

The Seneca Libraries provide students, faculty and staff with resources and services both online and on-site to enhance academic pursuits.  Our libraries offer print, audio visual and electronic resources including books, magazines, journals, videos, dvds, slides, recordings and  a variety of topical databases.

Services include research support, library instruction and a large circulating collection. We provide online help through our e-mail and live reference chat service “AskON".  As well,  the Seneca Libraries host a  comprehensive web site tailored to program specific offerings which augments the learning experience.

Through our Audio-Visual department we offer a centralized media collection and equipment for class presentations and assignments to all faculty, staff and students.

Our state of the art facilities, located at Newnham, York University, Markham and King campuses offers student spaces for group and individual study, audio visual screening classrooms and electronic training centers .  We  provide a large number of workstations equipped with instructional software and information resources tailored to course requirements.

Visit our Seneca Libraries web site at:

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