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A Career in TESL/TESOL

The field of English language teaching has greatly expanded. As a proficient English speaker, becoming certified opens up numerous possibilities teaching in Canada and abroad.

Our graduates have taken the TESL program to:

  • Gain certification in order to work with newcomers to Canada
  • Begin a second career in a rewarding field
  • Gain valuable experience to support applications for Teacher’s College

The Seneca TESL program is certified by TESL Canada and TESL Ontario. In order to teach ESL, basic national and international standards require a minimum of 100 hours of coursework as well as 20 hours of practicum including actual teaching hours.  Other teaching opportunities nationally, including all LINC programs, require 250 coursework hours and 50 practicum hours, including 20 teaching hours.

Employment After TESL

In Canada, graduates can teach international students, college students who are upgrading and newcomers to Canada in the following settings:

  • Private schools
  • LINC programs
  • Community centre programs
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Private tutoring companies
  • Summer programs and language camps
  • Corporate ESL training
  • On-line tutoring

Overseas, graduates can teach both children and adults in a variety of settings, including:

  • Public and private schools
  • Colleges and universities
  • Corporations and businesses
  • Private tutoring
  • Winter and summer camps
  • On-line tutoring

Check the following sites for overseas positions: