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Exit Competencies

Upon successful completion of the course, the learner is able to:

  • design level-appropriate learning outcomes, skill-building activities, skill-using activities, e-materials, and evaluation activities for specific contexts to effectively facilitate second language learning.
  • deliver student-centered, context appropriate lessons that scaffold the development of  students' language skills, include targeted strategies-based instruction, assessment opportunities, integration of technology and achieve targeted outcomes in specific contexts.
  • identify learner strategies and supporting activities to address learner's errors in written and spoken discourse.
  • explain the form and function of advanced linguistic forms (grammatical, lexical and phonological) taught in ESL/EFL contexts.
  • develop assessment and evaluation tools and activities appropriate to the context and student level to measure competency in targeted language skill(s)and achievement of learning outcomes.
  • articulate personal guiding principles of practice for ESL/EFL teaching and learning, grounded in selected first and second language learning and acquisition theories.
  • explain how the language-culture relationship impacts L2 learning.