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Topics Covered

  • Understanding language acquisition theory (Major models of first and second language acquisition; language and culture)
  • Understanding causative variables in second language acquisition (Influence of L1; errors vs. mistakes; language and culture)
  • Understanding good teaching (Learning environment management; qualities and skills of a good teacher; optimal input)
  • Planning your teaching (Course, curricula, lesson planning; evaluating and using materials; strategy based instruction; evaluating textbooks, using appropriate methodology; materials development; using language based 5 minute activities; evaluating achievement of learning outcomes; writing quizzes and tests; alternative assessments; providing feedback; teaching opportunities, supply teaching)
  • Understanding the language (Syntax; voice; phrasal verbs; multi-word prepositions; gerunds and infinitives; clause structures; integrating grammar; inductive grammar micro teaching; word formation; vocabulary acquisition strategies; intonation; rhythm; stress)
  • Teaching the receptive skills (Listening skills development, listening in context; developing listening skills with e-learning resources; reading skills development; academic reading skills; discourse analysis; using music/film in the classroom; monitoring/evaluating receptive skills; micro teaching receptive skills)
  • Teaching the productive skills (Speaking skills development; nonverbal communication; error analysis and effective feedback; storytelling/drama; speaking online; writing skills development; writing error analysis and effective feedback; writing online; micro teaching productive skills