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Courses for International Teachers

Seneca College offers a variety of teacher training and professional development courses for overseas teachers. These courses are available to teachers of English and to teachers of other subjects who require English in their work.
The courses are delivered by Seneca in Toronto or in the participants’ home country.

For example:

  • Groups of teachers from Spanish speaking countries have participated in six-week courses in order to improve their English and learn more about current teaching methodology.
  • Teacher trainers from Seneca have gone to South America to deliver short courses on the Communicative Approach to Language Teaching.
  • Professional development and training courses for English teachers have been designed and tailored to the needs of programs and institutions.

We arrange dates to suit the schedules of international groups and institutions. The courses can be delivered at Seneca College or in other countries. If you would like information on fees, or are interested in any of these programs, please contact us.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language: The Basic Skills (ELI 309)

This four-week intensive course provides a comprehensive introduction to the latest theory and methods in second/foreign language teaching. Students explore the latest principles and techniques of second language teaching and learning covering such topics as:

  • lesson planning
  • group work
  • pronunciation
  • interactive teaching
  • speaking, listening reading, writing

Update Your English (ELI 201)

Students work toward increasing their fluency and confidence in English while discussing the latest theories of second/foreign language teaching and learning and to review new teaching materials and activities. The course is available in two-week, four-week and six-week segments.

The Communicative Approach: Methodology and Techniques (ELI 301)

The Communicative Approach is a practical two-week course examining the current principles of second language learning and their application in the classroom. The course is also intended to help teachers examine their own practice in the classroom and make informed decisions on how to improve the learning process.

Grammar and Pronunciation

A two-week course providing students with the chance to improve and/or review their own English grammar and pronunciation. Students also learn techniques and activities for teaching these skills communicatively.


A series of workshops on any of the topics covered in these courses can be designed to meet the needs of institutions or groups.