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What our grads say:

Photo of Farah Ali

“The TESL program at Seneca College…is ideal for students with very little teaching experience as it allows them to gain all the theoretical and practical skills necessary to teach. The program also enhances the knowledge of those with experience in teaching and allows them to gain certification.”

Farah Ali, 2009 Grad

Photo of Jenna Avery

“Making the decision to enter the TESL program at Seneca…was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. After teaching abroad for 2 years…I knew that when I moved home, I wanted to teach ESL full-time. The program at Seneca prepared me extremely well to enter my own classroom only a few months after graduating. I would highly recommend the TESL program at Seneca to anyone considering a career in teaching ESL - it helped me land my dream job…”

Jenna Avery, 2012 Grad

Photo of Jeff Brown

“The Seneca TESL program has made all the difference in my career as an English language teacher and has opened many doors for me. Although I had already been teaching for quite a few years, the program helped me to reflect upon, assess and refine the teaching methodologies I had been using and …also helped me to fill in gaps in my teaching repertoire. The CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning) component of the program was particularly useful. This is one of the strongest points of the program and of Seneca’s English Language Institute.”

Jeff Brown, M.A., Ph.D., 2010 TESL Grad
Professor, Seneca College and George Brown College

Photo of Patt Wainhouse

“After a job redundancy, I enrolled in the Seneca TESL program to prepare for a new career teaching ESL. Although I have always been involved in training and coaching, the program provided a solid theoretical base as well as practical experience that gave me confidence to make the transition to classroom teaching. When I arrived in South Korea, I was excited knowing I had all the basics I needed to get started. What I learned at Seneca really helped me advance in my new career.”

Patt Wainhouse, 2009 Grad
Teaching in Korea


“I have lived in a multicultural country for so long yet never felt the exposure until I started my first day in Seneca’s (TESL program). The best environment for a language teacher to learn and to empathize is where she/he is surrounded by people in need of that language. Seneca provided such an environment and throughout the program we had the privilege of teaching ESL students in actual classes. This amazing experience increased my passion for teaching to a greater level.”

Nadia Valioghli, 2013 Grad
Teacher, English Language Institute, Seneca

Photo of Karen Schmidt

“The TESL program at Seneca gave me the skills I needed to successfully teach in a college environment. The instructors were knowledgeable, caring, and professional. The training provided theoretical background knowledge as well as hands-on and in-class activities. I would recommend this program to anyone who is looking to get into the field of ESL whether at a private language school, the college level, LINC or international.”

Karen Schmidt, 2007 Grad

Photo of Sarah Mastroianni

“The TESL training at Seneca includes an extremely useful practicum portion where students get the chance to hone their skills at the front of the class and receive feedback from mentors. Not all TESL programs provide this opportunity, but at Seneca they make sure you have all the necessary requirements to become certified.

Seneca’s TESL courses aren’t just relevant for those who want to teach English as a Second Language. I believe that my TESL courses also helped me to land a job as an Italian language instructor.”

Sarah Mastroianni, 2013 Grad


“I would highly recommend the Seneca TESL program – it gave me the training, tools and network to get ESL teaching opportunities in Toronto. Seneca’s program provided a good balance of both the practical and theoretical knowledge. From computer activities, to games, grammar lessons, listening and speaking, reading and writing – the course touched on all of the skills I needed to get ready to teach in an ESL class. Since graduating, I have used many of the activities and materials I learned in my own classes. Seneca really did a great job preparing me for teaching in the classes where I now work.”

Janet Leitch, 2008 Grad
Sessional Professor, English Language Institute, Seneca

Photo of Suzanne Chin-Loy

“The program offers both a strong theoretical and practical component providing the solid foundation needed for student teachers to venture out into the realm of teaching. I have used and still use all the tools and methods that were taught in the program and have carried them over into my classroom.”

Suzanne Chin-Loy, 2013 Grad

Photo of Randy Harris

“Seneca’s TESL program was a personally enriching and professionally beneficial experience that opened the door to a rewarding second career in ESL.

Seneca’s TESL program helped me to first understand the vast world of online and computer-based resources then to strategically implement vital aspects of computer-assisted language learning in my teaching. I found Seneca to be on the leading edge of integrating digital mediums and Internet resources in and beyond the classroom. Thanks to the required classroom observations and practicum, I was also given the opportunity to practice teaching and observing a COSTI-LINC program in culturally- diverse area of Toronto.”

Randy Harris, 2010 Grad