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Skills Assessment - Essay Question Rubric

In order to measure your ability to write a formal essay you will be asked to write a 300-word essay based on a short article.  You will have one hour to write the essay and it will be evaluated using an 8 point system.

In order to receive full marks, your essay should abide by the following criteria.

Length & Structure

  • Essay should be 300-words or more
  • Should have five substantial paragraphs
  • Organization: Your essay should have a clear thesis statement


  • Thesis statement is clear
  • Main ideas are clear and logically sequenced
  • Transitions are evident and effective; response is very coherent


  • Response is "on topic" and consistently focused
  • Body paragraphs are very well developed
  • Response shows objective, sophisticated, critical analysis


  •  Vocabulary is formal, sophisticated, varied, and appropriate

Grammar & Mechanics (Spelling, punctuation, capitalization)

    • Writing is fluent; sentence structure is clear and controlled; a variety of sentence structures is used
    • Grammar is very strong
    • Mechanics are very strong

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