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Skills Assessment FAQ

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Skills Assessment

As a new Seneca student, you'll need to write the Skills Assessment.
As soon as you receive the Admissions Acceptance Guide:

If you have already taken English and Communications courses at Seneca, please let our staff know. If you have a learning or physical disability requiring special accommodation, please contact the Test Centre and let one of our representatives know. They will also be happy to answer any questions.

If you are assessed at a level below EAC150 then you will be required to take additional courses which are not included in your tuition fees. This will result in an extra course fee (s) in a subsequent semester(s).

Note: Calculators are not allowed in any of the tests.


All personal information collected by Seneca College is protected under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Individual Privacy Act of Ontario. The personal information collected during this assessment, both written and computerized, is collected under the legal authority of the Colleges and Universities Act, regulation 770. The information will be used to assess your skill levels in English and Mathematics. It will be made available to appropriate College faculty and administrators in order to ensure appropriate subject placement, provide advisement about academic services and academic progress, and conduct research into academic assessment, advisement and academic success.

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Access our Skills Assessment preparation resources before writing your Skills Assessment.


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