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Ontario Apprenticeship Testing

Seneca College Test Centres accept payment by debit, Visa, and MasterCard; students using these forms of payment must use a card issued in their own name.

The Seneca College Test Centre provides clients a customized solution for testing employees to meet the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities guidelines for the Ontario Apprenticeship Program and testing requirements. Our corporate testing team can visit your company/organization to do a needs assessment and host the Ontario Apprenticeship Testing Assessments at your company site. We provide all required equipment, desk dividers, pens/pencils, clocks, accommodated software and also the apprenticeship tests themselves. We have successfully partnered with many corporate clients to offer their employees the Ontario Apprenticeship Test.

Apprenticeship Exemption Test

Seneca College is authorized by the Apprenticeship Branch of the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities to administer trade exemption testing for apprentices and non-apprentices.

Dependent on job experience as well as level of expertise, apprentices may challenge the in-school component of the various apprenticeship levels found within their trade-specific apprenticeship program.
Upon successfully completing a trade exemption test, apprentices may be exempted from some or all of an apprenticeship’s formal instruction requirements.

Available Apprenticeship Exemption Tests

  • Eligible applicants must possess all the entry-level requirements for the trade they wish to obtain exemption. Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program participants may also write Apprenticeship Exemption Tests
  • Exemption tests must be written in sequential order and without any omissions
  • Successful completion of an Apprenticeship Exemption Tests require a grade of 70% or higher
  • After successfully completing an Apprenticeship Exemption Test, students have two years to become a registered apprentice
  • If a student has not obtained a grade of 70% or higher they must wait three months before being permitted to re-write the exemption test
  • Most exemption tests take three hours to complete
  • Minimum age to write an exemption test is 16

Apprenticeship Exemption tests can be written, during office hours, at any of the four Seneca Test Centres.

You can also bring Seneca’s high academic standard and professionalism to your workplace with our on-site corporate testing and invigilation team.


A cost of $150 will be charged for all Apprenticeship Exemption Tests and re-writes.


To arrange an Apprenticeship Exemption Test at either one of our four test centres or with our on-site corporate testing team, please contact Karen Newman 416.491.5050 ext. 22741

Corporate Testing

The Seneca College Test Centre provides corporate clients with customized proctoring and invigilation services. We have everything you need to ensure your employees are tested to meet industry, licencing and government standards and regulations. Our corporate testing team provides everything you need to run your corporate tests and assessments. Testing can take place at your corporate office location to ensure minimal downtime for employees and to ensure maximum participation in tests and assessments. Our corporate testing team will bring all materials and testing equipment to your location including desk dividers, clocks, pens/pencils and other required testing tools.

If you are interested in these services for your employees, please contact:

Karen Newman
Senior Test Centre Officer
Phone: 416.491.5050 ext. 22741