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Testing Procedures for Faculty:

  • Seneca Test Centres provide an invaluable service by proctoring tests for students who have missed a test, who need to be re-tested, and those with special needs and accommodations. While the Test Centres support academic services of Seneca, we do not act as invigilators for entire classes, nor for Seneca classes that are offered online. If you are in need of rooms and proctors, you must make arrangements with your own department.
  • Faculty members are asked to submit exams/tests to the Test Centre with a completed Request to Test Form as early as possible and prior to the test date. Please be sure to include test booklets, scantron cards or other materials required for the exam/test. Faculty members may submit an exam/test online via their Seneca College email address.
  • The Test Centre cannot invigilate an exam/test without a completed Request to Test form. These forms confirm that students are permitted to write in the Test Centre and ensures that the Test Centre administers the exam/test to your specified instructions. (Please note: the Test Centre does not allow the use of electronic dictionaries)
  • Faculty are required to pick up, and sign for, all completed exams/tests in the Test Centre.
  • An invigilator's report will be completed if a student is found to be writing an exam/test in a manner not specified on the Request to Test Form, i.e. cheat notes/unauthorized books etc.
  • Academic policy will be followed.
  • Request to Test FormS
  • The forms have been created as a fillable pdf, however you will need to download and save it, and submit your RTTF through your e-mail.

    Full Time Students (.pdf)

    Continuing Education Students (.pdf)