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Completing a Request to Test Form

View an instructional sample Request to Test form (RTTF)

The Request to Test Form provides our front desk Test Centre staff with parameters to follow when administering a test/exam. Partial or incorrectly completed RTTFs will be returned to the instructor and may prevent the test/exams from being available to the student.

Please ensure the following fields are accurately completed:

  • Note the campus you would like the test/exam forwarded to
  • Note whether the test/exam is for an accommodated student
  • List all students who will be writing the test/exam in the Test Centre
  • Exams are filed and retrieved by instructor’s last name. Students will be required to know their instructor’s name
  • Tests/exams will only be made available to students on the days outlined on the RTTF
  • Students will be provided with the amount of time outlined on the RTTF to complete their test/exam
  • Students will only be permitted to use aids outlined on the RTTF. If no aids are permitted during the exam, please indicate this by checking the “no aids allowed” check box
  • Indicate whether student’s notes are allowed during the exam. If they are, please indicate whether they should be collected
  • When applicable, passwords and URLs required to complete online tests/exams should be communicated to Test Centre staff
  • Indicate whether ‘permitted’ texts may contain point form notes