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Submitting Your Test/Exam Online 

Online Submissions must be sent a minimum of 24 hours prior to the test date. Tests and exams to be written within 24 hours must be submitted to the Test Centre in person only. Tests and exams to be written on Mondays need to be submitted by 5pm on the previous Thursday.

Late submissions risk delays in processing and may result in a student being unable to write at the test centre.
  • Only test/exams submitted via a Seneca College email address will be accepted by the Test Centre
  • A Request to Test form should be completed and attached to the test/exam
  • All supplemental aids must be provided by the instructor

Need help completing a Request to Test form? Click here.

Please download and complete a Request to Test form. If asked, enable content for editing. Once completed, save the form in a location that will be later accessible.

Request to Test Form  (.pdf)


Please email your exam to the Test Centre your student intends to visit.

King Test Centre

Markham Test Centre

Newnham Test Centre

Seneca@York Test Centre

Submission For Students Who Require Assistive Technologies
An electronic version of a test/exam must be in an accessible format, preferably a Word document (.docx) and downloaded onto a flashdrive. Captions or text descriptions should be provided for all figures, graphics, and images. This will enable students to access the test/exam using assistive technology, such as text-to-speech software/screen readers. A guide for creating accessible documents can be found here.

**PDF format is not recommended. If unavoidable, it should be processed using OCR (optical character recognition) technology. If only a hardcopy is available, the document may be scanned with OCR setting enabled. This may be done by going through the "Email Options" tab and changing the File Format to a PDF file with OCR set to "Searchable" (see attachment for steps with images).

For further assistance in submitting your Test/Exam online, please contact Karen Newman.