TO: Full-time students
FROM: Christine Blake, Dean of Students
RE: Classes start on Tuesday, Nov. 21
This afternoon the Ontario legislature passed the legislation ending the strike by academic employees and I am very pleased to confirm that classes will be starting again on Tuesday, Nov. 21.

We will be following a regular class schedule starting on Tuesday, which is based on the timetable you received in September. Please check your schedule on Student Centre.

In the days ahead, we will have more details about the semester completion plans for your program. For now, I’ve included the information below, from my email yesterday, as you may want to review it again before coming to class.

I look forward to having you back on campus.
First day back
When you return, please follow the same class schedule you were issued in September. You can find your timetable in Student Centre.

Fall and Winter semester dates
Given the length of the strike, we will need to extend the fall semester into January to maintain academic integrity and meet program learning outcomes. 

Fall semester
  • The fall semester is expected to resume on Tuesday, Nov. 21 and will extend to Friday, Dec. 22
  • There will be a holiday break from Saturday, Dec. 23 to Monday, Jan. 1 with no classes, tests, exams or assignments due from 6 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 22 to 7 a.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 2
  • The fall semester will start again on Tuesday, Jan. 2. and will end on Tuesday, Jan. 9
There may be special considerations for students expecting to graduate this December. Please contact your student adviser if this applies to you.

Winter semester
  • The winter semester will begin on Wednesday, Jan. 17 and will end on Tuesday, 
    April 24
  • Study Week will run as planned from Monday, Feb. 26 through to Friday, March 2
Travel plans
We know that some of you made December travel plans before the strike began and are unsure of what to do since the semester has been extended to Friday, Dec. 22 and fall semester classes are resuming on Tuesday, Jan. 2 through to Tuesday, Jan. 9. Based on these new semester dates, we are working on a revised process to assist you with the next steps regarding your previously booked travel. More information will follow. 

If you are planning to travel over the holiday break, we suggest you consider travelling between Saturday, Dec. 23 and Monday, Jan. 1 as there will not be any classes, tests, exams or assignments due during that time. 

Financial hardship fund
More information will be coming soon about the fund to support students who experience financial hardship as a result of the changed dates for the fall semester. All colleges are working with the provincial government on the criteria and we will notify you when details are available.

International Students
International Students looking for assistance with health insurance, study permits, and visas should visit International Student Services or call 416.491.5050, ext. 22368. 

Parking permits will be extended
If you purchased parking permits for King, Markham, or Newnham, the permits will automatically be extended through to the end of the extended semester, Tuesday, Jan. 9. You don’t have to do anything to extend your permit.

If you purchased a parking permit for Seneca@York (through York University), come to the OneCard office at Seneca@York to arrange to have your permit extended through to the end of the extended semester, Tuesday, Jan 9.

Residence stay extended
If you are living in our King or Newnham residence, your residence agreement will automatically be extended through to the end of the fall semester, Tuesday, Jan. 9. You don’t have to do anything to extend your stay. Residence students will be receiving more information directly.

Locker rental extended
If you rented a locker for the fall semester, it will automatically be extended through to the end of the fall semester, Tuesday, Jan. 9. You don’t have to do anything to extend your rental. 

Campus shuttle
The Seneca shuttle bus will return to its regular schedule on Tuesday, Nov. 21. Check the schedules online or on the Seneca mobile app for iOS or Android. The shuttle service will continue until Friday, Dec. 22 and will resume its regular schedule again on Tuesday, Jan. 2. 

We’re here to help
We have developed many Frequently Asked Questions and continue to build the list based on what our students are asking. Please check this page often for questions you may have. We are also extending our service hours for your first week back to class. We’ll post the extended hours on Blackboard.

If you’re not sure where to go for assistance, please visit your Student Services office.

On behalf of all of us, thank you again for the incredible patience and understanding you have shown throughout these past several weeks. We’re all so glad that you’ll be back at Seneca soon.