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Return to school updates

Classes in our full-time programs have resumed. If you’re not sure where to go for assistance, please visit your Student Services office. We’re glad to have you back.

The Student Strike Relief Fund application is now online on My.Seneca Full-time Student News.

Below, are answers to the questions we've received regarding semester completion.

Frequently Asked Questions


I have questions about my program. Who should I ask?

If you have any questions about your program, please contact your student adviser. If you do not know how to reach your adviser, log into Student Centre. Your adviser’s name and contact information is listed on the homepage, as shown below.

Student Centre homepage:


Part-time Studies students with questions should contact their instructors directly.

What are the new semester dates?

Given the length of the strike, we will need to extend the fall semester into January to maintain academic integrity and meet program learning outcomes. 

Fall semester

  • The fall semester is expected to resume on Tuesday, Nov. 21 and will extend to Friday, Dec. 22.
  • There will be a holiday break from Saturday, Dec. 23 to Monday, Jan. 1 with no classes, tests, exams or assignments due from 6 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 22 to 7 a.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 2.
  • The fall semester will start again on Tuesday, Jan. 2. and will end on Tuesday, Jan. 9.

There may be special considerations for students expecting to graduate this December. Please contact your student adviser if this applies to you.

Winter semester

  • The winter semester will begin on Wednesday, Jan. 17 and will end on Tuesday,  April 24.
  • Study Week will run as planned from Monday, Feb. 26 through to Friday, March 2.

Will academic dates change?

The updated academic dates are available on the Seneca website.

What if I have travel plans that conflict with the new fall semester dates?

We know that some of you made travel plans before the strike began and are unsure of what to do since the fall semester has now been extended to Friday, Dec. 22 with classes resuming Tuesday, Jan. 2 to Tuesday, Jan. 9.

We highly recommend that you attend your classes. For those of you who booked travel before Friday, Oct. 27, 2017 and can change your travel plans to attend the extended class schedule we suggest you do so. With the appropriate documentation such as proof of travel or receipts, we will help you with costs of up to $500 as outlined in the fund to support students who are suffering hardship because of the strike. There will be a form available soon with more details for you to complete.

For students who cannot postpone or cancel travel plans, and will be missing classes because of the extended semester, please send an email to your student adviser no later than Tuesday, Dec. 5, 2017 with the following information:

  • Student name
  • Student number
  • Absence dates
  • Name of program

Your student adviser requires up to five school days to make arrangements with your program area for you to finish the academic work required while maintaining your travel plans. Due to program requirements there are some programs where alternate arrangements are not possible. Your student adviser will advise if you are in one of these programs.

Your student adviser will update a service indicator so you will know that your email has been received and that your student adviser is working on your completion arrangements. You can see this service indicator (Completion Arrangement) on the front page of Student Centre, upper right-hand corner, under the Holds section. You will receive an email outlining your completion plan once your student adviser has finalized the plan.

Are counselling offices open?

Counselling and Accessibility offices will resume their normal scheduled hours of operation on Tuesday, Nov. 21, and will also be offering extended hours at the Newnham and Seneca@York campuses.

What will happen to my year?

We will provide you with a semester completion plan after you return to class.

Can I restart my program in January?

Students who want to begin the semester again should see their student adviser for availability, particularly if they are beyond the first semester. Students in their first semester should visit Admissions.

We strongly recommend, though, that you attend your classes first before making this decision. The plans that your professors will share with you this week are intended to meet your learning outcomes for this fall semester.

International students: Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has posted information on its webpage to clarify any effect your decision may have on your study permit status if you choose to withdraw or restart. Please read it carefully before you make a decision. If you have questions, please visit International Student Services or call 416.491.5050, ext. 22368.

What about tests or assignments during the strike?

Assignment due dates and test dates for full-time programs will be revised and shared with students when you return to class. There will be no tests on Tuesday, Nov. 21.


What is the Student Strike Relief Fund?

Full-time domestic and international students are eligible for the Student Strike Relief Fund if they remain enrolled in the fall semester at Seneca. Students who withdraw from their program and request a tuition refund are not eligible to apply for the fund.

The Student Strike Relief Fund application is available on My.Seneca Full-time Student News.

What will the fund cover?

The fund is meant for students who experience financial hardship due to strike-related reasons. Students who meet the criteria will be eligible to receive up to $500 for unexpected additional costs above and beyond the regular expected costs associated with the fall semester.

The eligible criteria includes additional expenses such as:

  • travel costs caused by the need to change travel
  • living costs such as housing, and added transportation costs
  • child care costs
  • other extra costs as a result of the strike.

What receipts do I need to submit?

Students planning to submit a claim to the fund should begin collecting receipts that will support the costs that you have incurred as a result of the strike. For example:

  • For changes to flights or train tickets you will need documented proof of original booking and payment receipts.
  • For child care costs you need receipts for additional costs from your daycare provider.

How do I apply for the fund?

The online Student Relief Fund application will be available starting next week through My.Seneca. An announcement on Student News will be made when the application is available.

You can apply for the fund until the end of the winter term on Tuesday, April 24, 2018.

Will this affect my OSAP?

No. The financial assistance that students receive from this fund will not impact your OSAP funding or eligibility. Living expenses included in your OSAP assessment will be taken into consideration when reviewing this application.

Is there other funding available?

We recommended that students also investigate other funding options including OSAP, tuition assistance bursaries and emergency funding that may be available.

The Government of Canada will also provide financial support for students affected by the strike. More details are available here.

Can I withdraw from my program and get a refund?

You can, but we strongly recommend that you attend your classes first before making this important decision.

During classes this week, professors will be sharing plans for completing the remainder of the fall semester. Our academic areas have spent time thinking about and examining these plans so that you complete your studies in a way that maintains academic integrity and supports your learning.

The deadline to withdraw with a full tuition refund is Tuesday, Dec. 5, 2017. You have time to attend classes before making this important decision. There are also many supports in place to help you such as the Learning Centres, Libraries, and Counselling and Accessibility Services.

International students: Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has posted information on its webpage to clarify any effect your decision may have on your study permit status if you choose to withdraw or restart. Please read it carefully before you make a decision. If you have questions, please visit International Student Services or call 416.491.5050, ext. 22368.

International students

Where should I go to get assistance for health insurance, housing, study permits or visas?

International Student Services provides assistance for international students regarding health insurance, housing, visas, work permits.

  • King Campus GH2100 416.491.5050 ext. 55051
  • Markham Campus M188 416.491.5050 ext. 77192
  • Newnham Campus D2000 416.491.5050 ext. 22368
  • Seneca@York S1066 416.491.5050 ext. 33021
  • ELI students: Newnham Campus B4000 416.49.5050 ext. 22780

Please visit your nearest International Student Services office.


Will my parking pass still be good?

If you purchased parking permits for King, Markham, or Newnham, the permits will automatically be extended through to the end of the extended semester, Tuesday, Jan. 9. You don’t have to do anything to extend your permit.

If you purchased a parking permit for Seneca@York (through York University), come to the OneCard office at Seneca@York to arrange to have your permit extended through to the end of the extended semester, Tuesday, Jan 9.


Is the Seneca campus shuttle bus returning to a regular schedule?

The Seneca shuttle bus is running on a regular schedule starting on Tuesday, Nov. 21. Check the schedules online or on the Seneca mobile app for iOS or Android.

The shuttle service will continue until the end of the semester.

Is TTC/York Regional Transit bus service continuing?

Public transit to and from Seneca will return to normal schedules.