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Frequently Asked Questions

How much longer will the strike continue?

At this time, we have no idea how long the strike will continue.

I can’t afford a longer semester — is there any financial aid for students affected by the strike?

Seneca is in the process of developing a fund that will provide support for students who have experienced financial hardships as a result of the strike and the resulting extension to the semester. Details will be shared with all students as soon as possible


Can I withdraw from the semester and start over in January?

Depending on the program, it may already be full in January. Students are urged to speak with their Student Advisers before making any final decisions about withdrawing from their program.


How do I get my tuition refunded?

Seneca is not able to offer full tuition refunds after the 10th day of the semester. Additionally, decisions about refunds during previous strikes have been handled by the provincial government, not individual colleges.


What if the semester extension conflicts with my travel plans?

We recognize that the revised academic dates may conflict with travel plans that students had made prior to the strike. Where possible, Student Advisers, in consultation with your program areas, will work with you help you meet your travel plans. Where a reasonable solution is not possible, and students are not able to adjust their travel plans, financial support will be available. 


What services are available to assist me with general questions?

Student Services offices at your campus will assist students with general questions, problem solve issues and refer students to the appropriate area for assistance.  Specific areas at Newnham Campus will also have extra staff in place, including at the Welcome Desk in buildings A and D, to answer questions.


What if I have concerns about my mental health? What supports are available?

Our Counselling and Accessibility offices are open and are able to provide information on resources available to students with questions about mental health, well-being and anxiety. The 24-hour Good2Talk helpline for postsecondary students is available by phoning 1.866.925.5454. The Newnham Campus Health Centre is also open.