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Women In Technology

Women In Technology (WIT) is a group that has been established to support women by sharing skills and experiences, providing guidance and access to resources within the realm of technology. WIT helps women find fellowship and support from other women while allowing them to explore all they can be.

There is a growing shortage of women in the technology sector. There is also disproportionately low enrolment of women in technology education. WIT aims to help resolve these challenges by:

  • Encouraging women to consider education and careers in technology
  • Supporting women in their studies and employment pursuits
  • Providing much needed skilled labour for industry
  • Promoting perspectives and talents of women.

WIT was established under the School of Information & Communications Technology, and is growing its affiliations internally with:

  • School of Fire Protection
  • Centre for the Built Environment

And externally with:

This is only the beginning.

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