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Picket lines

During a strike, workers leave the workplace and form picket lines by walking with signs outside the workplace. If a strike occurs, picket lines will be created outside the York University campus, and those on strike may want to talk to people passing through the picket line.

When possible, use public transit to come to campus. It will reduce your waiting time and congestion on the roads.

How to approach a picket line

Expect delays when trying to enter or exit a campus. Operate your vehicle in a safe and lawful way.

About picket lines

In a labour dispute, picketers are legally permitted to:

  • Carry signs stating the nature of the dispute
  • Speak to you about their concerns.

Picketers are supposed to keep moving and allow passage, though there may be delays.

How to approach a picket line:

  • Approach the line slowly. If you are operating a vehicle, try to avoid making a left-hand turn onto the campus. It could cause you to be caught in the middle of an intersection if there are delays.
  • When travelling onto campus, be prepared to stop. As well, be prepared to wait until you can safely pass through the picket line.
  • Be prepared for delays. Remember to operate your vehicle in a safe, respectful and lawful way.

You may find the following suggestions useful:

  • Roll down your vehicle window or otherwise indicate your willingness to accept a pamphlet if offered.
  • If delayed crossing the picket line, explain politely that you are exercising your right to attend classes, your obligation to report to work or conduct business on campus.
  • Display patience and remain calm.
  • Be prepared for delays.
  • Consider carpooling or other travel arrangements for the duration of the strike.