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HELIX News and Success Stories

Ripple Farms Harvest

Last November, Seneca Urban Farm by Ripple Farms at Newnham Campus celebrated its first official harvest with five pounds of leafy greens. Read more.

Seneca HELIX wins million-dollar grant from TD to change the career DNA of Midcareer Professionals

There are no crazy ideas in Kareen Hall-Clarke’s classroom. In fact, as one of the intrapreneurs to have recently come out of HELIX, Seneca’s on-campus incubator, Hall-Clarke is all for “crazy” ideas that she might encounter on the job — teaching students in the digital age. Read more.

Eco Seneca symposium tackles resilience 3-day event

Resilience can mean many things. But at Newnham Campus this week, it means climate adaptation.

“A mess has been made and we are all looking to you to fix it,” said Huma Pabani, Manager, National Issues, Government & Industry Relations from TD Insurance. Read more.

Chris Stoikos Visits Seneca

Chris Stoikos, founder of Dollar Beard Club and Shark Pond alumni, spent time mentoring HELIXers & then electrified the crowd with a uplifting, passionate & thought provoking talk. Read more.

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