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The opening of Magna Hall at King Campus and the Centre for Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship (CITE) at Newnham Campus have provided Seneca with the opportunity to:

  • Take maximum advantage of all of our spaces
  • Provide synergy among programs and schools
  • Ease crowding at our campuses
  • Enhance our students’ campus and academic experience.

Seneca2020 is a phased, orderly schedule of program and department moves that will take place over the next two years. It has been coordinated by a team from across Seneca’s academic and support areas.

It is the biggest series of moves in Seneca’s history and will involve 6,000 student spaces and 900 employees between summer 2018 and 2020. As outlined in our Strategic Plan, Seneca2020 underscores our commitment to great student and employee experiences and to cross-disciplinary learning.


September 2018: (Complete) Magna Hall will open and the Fitness and Health Promotion program will move from Newnham to King

January/February 2019: CITE classrooms will open, and HELIX and the Building Systems lab will move in

May 2019: Jane programs will move to CITE, and the Jane Campus will close

August 2019: The School of Information and Communications Technology will move to Newnham and the School of Legal and Public Administration/Office Administration will move to Seneca@York

April 2020:The School of Hospitality and Tourism will move to Newnham, and the School of Marketing will move to Seneca@York and Newnham

Student support services will move from Markham

Summer 2020: All administrative areas at Markham will move to Newnham

The Confucius Institute, Corporate Training, Centre for Flexible Learning (cFLEX) are scheduled to remain at Markham.