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How to Request an Appearance Before the Board

A delegation – an individual or group – seeking to appear before the Board or to distribute unsolicited information to the Board shall present a written request to the Secretary to the Board a minimum of 10 working days before a published meeting date of the Board.  Address requests to:

The Secretary to the Board of Governors
Seneca College
8 The Seneca Way
Markham ON
L3R 5Y1

The request shall contain:

  1. the reasons for the appearance;
  2. copies of any material to be distributed to the Board;
  3. name, address and telephone number of the spokesperson(s) for the delegation;
  4. number of people in the delegation.  The Secretary to the Board shall place the request on the agenda of the Board Executive Committee. The Executive Committee of the Board shall decide on the disposition of the request through referral to the Board Standing Committee, the full Board of the President.

When a decision has been made to receive a delegation or refer a delegation to a Standing Committee or to the President, the Secretary to the Board shall so advise those requesting to appear.

A delegation appearing before the Board will be allowed 10 minutes for a presentation, unless the Board, by majority vote, allows for an extension.

At the conclusion of the presentation, members of the Board, through the Chair, shall be allowed to ask questions for clarification.

At the conclusion of the presentation, the Board, by resolution, shall receive the delegation´s statement or refer it to a Standing Committee of the Board or to the President for further response or action.