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Markham 3D

Master plans for Seneca campuses

Throughout 2011, Seneca has developed master plans for buildings, programs and natural environments at our campuses. This is the first time in the College’s history that master plans will be performed for any of our campuses. Seneca retained the national design firm Dialog to facilitate the research, architectural planning, program review and interviews required for the master plans.

Newnham 3D

What is a master plan?

A master plan provides a thorough examination of a campus’s assets and possibilities and serves as a broad vision for its future development. Seneca has retained the national design firm Dialog to facilitate the research, architectural planning, program review and interviews required for the master plan.

This is a timely project that has the capacity to render and deliver a vision for Seneca that will enhance how students, employees and visitors experience Newnham Campus.

A successful master plan must include input from those who know the campus best. Your insight will be crucial in determining how to maximize Newnham’s assets to create a sustainable learning, working and research environment that is optimal for everyone.

King 3D


Seneca’s Board of Governors approves campus master plans

View final Seneca College Master Plan


Seneca Master Space Programming Report

Seneca Transportation Report

King Campus Heritage Report

The final draft master planning concepts for Newnham, Markham and King were presented to the Seneca community on Tuesday October 18

View photos from the event

Draft campus planning concepts

Master planning interim report

In April 2011, Dialog submitted its interim report for the campus master planning process. Read the report

Planning sessions and design workshops

Newnham, Markham and King Open forums

Thank you to everyone who attended the master planning open forums for the Newnham Markham and King Campus master plans. More than 150 Senecans attended these events and shared their ideas about how to expand both campuses with sustainable, environmentally-friendly design concepts that will help shape the master plans for each.

View Dialog's overview of the open form workshops and consultations to date.

See photos from the King planning forum.

See photos from the Markham planning forum.

See photos from the Newnham planning forum.

Cross Campus master planning forum - March 3

Thank you to those Senecans who took part in the workshop to discuss the master planning initiatives taking place across Seneca’s campuses following the all-employees meeting. For those who were not able to attend, footage from the event will be available in the coming days.

View photos from the cross-campus forum.

Community Partners Open Forum

On February 28, Seneca hosted a master planning open forum at the Markham Campus. This event was a chance for the College's many community partners, including donors, volunteers, government representatives and alumni, to learn about the master plan and engage in the discussion about the College's future direction.

Newnham Campus Open Forum

Thank you to everyone who attended the January 31 Master Planning Open Forum at the Newnham Campus. More than 120 Senecans came to voice their thoughts about the future of the Campus. View video from the event here and photos from the event here.