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Presentation of "draft" master plans

More than 80 Senecans gathered at the Newnham Campus's new Building "A" to view the final "draft" master planning concepts for the Newnham, King and Markham campuses. Once all comments from the Seneca community are received, the concepts, along with the complete master planning and programming reports, will be presented to the Seneca Board of Governors for final approval at their November 2011 meeting.

View the Draft Master Plan Concepts


Seneca President David Agnew launched the event, thanking the Seneca community for their participation in the master planning process throughout the year.


DIALOG Principal Antonio Gomez-Palacio presented the planning concepts for each campus.


The presentation marked the first event held in the atrium of the new Building "A" at Newnham Campus.


A bird's eye view of the event from the third floor of Building "A". The Building's open concept allowed students sitting in the third-floor lounge area to listen in.