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King Campus Open Forum

On Monday, April 4, more than 50 Senecans took part in the King Campus master planning workshop, offering their expansion designs for the Campus, while prioritizing it’s natural beauty and environmental stewardship.

As well, Seneca welcomed His Worship Steve Pellegrini, Mayor of King Township, to this event. The Mayor provided his ideas for the future direction of the King Campus and how it can grow to meet the increasing demand for post-secondary education in York Region. Also in attendance from the Township of King were Cleve Mortelliti, Deputy Mayor, Jamie Smyth from the Economic Development Department and Stephen Kitchen, the Township’s Director of Planning.


Mayor Pellegrini (third from left) discusses his ideas for King’s future with (left to right) Krishan Mehta, Executive Director, Advancement, Michelle Hutt, Manager of Academic Services, Larry White, Chair, Applied Arts and Health Sciences, and Barb Weeden, Intern Director, Sports and Recreation.

Cleve presentation

King Township Deputy Mayor Cleve Mortelliti presented the concepts his work group established for King’s expansion.

King design forum photo 2 Craig

Dialog principal Craig Applegath facilitates the concept design exercise for the King Campus.

King design form photo 1

More than 80 representatives from the King Campus attended the master planning workshop.


Dialog presented the draft concept plan for the King Campus to more than 50 Senecans and community partners on June 29. You can view the designs here.

All students are encouraged to provide their input about the buildings, facilities and transportation options at King, by visiting MySeneca or Facebook.